Auto Framing 4K EPTZ Camera MG201-SG

Minrray MG201 is a 4K ultra-high-definition ePTZ camera with a new design. It has perfect functions and superior performance, which employs advanced ISP processing algorithms  to provide vivid images with clear brightness, strong color layering, high resolution, and fantastic color rendition. Easy and convenient to install and maintain, stable and reliable. screen, laptop, table and tripod. Easy to install on any devices, such as LCD. USB 3.0 Plug and play. Email us for more info | Spec Sheet 


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Key Features

Ultra HD 4K Resolution: 1/2.8 inch high quality CMOS sensor. Resolution is up to 4K with frame rate up to 30fps (MJPG) or 30fps (H.264); compatible with 1080P and 720P.

ePTZ: ePTZ and 5X digital Zoom;

Built-in MIC: built-in two omni-directional MIC pickups; with unique noise suppression algorithm;

Auto Framing: Employing superior face detection algorithm to intelligently and automatically frames according to the number of people in the scene, and the characters are in the middle.

Wide FOV: 83°/100° wide angle and small distortion lens options. 

Video output interface: Video output interface USB 3.0;

Multiple Audio/Video Compression Standard: Supports H.264, MJPG, YUY2, NV12 video compression, to made video play smoothly.

Low Noise and High SNR: Super high SNR image is achieved with low noise CMOS. Even in the case of ultra-low illumination, the picture remains clean and clear.

Multiple Installations: Standard equipped with mold clamp. Easy to install on any devices, such as LCD screen, laptop, table and tripod. 

Easy to Use: No need to download driver; USB 3.0 Plug and play;

Wide Applications: Personal video conferencing, enterprise video conferencing, collaboration meeting, etc.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications


Dimension (unit: mm)

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Hot Tags: Auto Framing 4K EPTZ Camera MG201-SG

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