AV-LN4 Line Level Audio to Network Interface

Posted on 22 January 2020

The AV-LN4 is an interface that converts four line-level XLR inputs to Dante network audio channels. Special software is not required to configure the AV-LN4. A dual-LED VU meter displays the level for each. The AV-LN4 is a professional grade product for studio-quality fidelity and low noise performance.

The AV-LN4 may be powered from an external 24 Vdc power supply, available separately. The AV-LN4 is equipped to operate from a PoE enabled network switch. The AV-LN4 will reserve power from the switch even while being powered from an external 24 Vdc supply. If PoE power and an external 24 Vdc supply are both feeding an AV-LN4, the unit will run from the external supply and will seamlessly switch over to PoE power upon loss of the external supply. Valid power and synchronization to the Dante network is indicated by a green LED visible from the front of the unit.

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