TeleDelta, Digital Satellite DVB-S/S2 Receiver & DVB-T Modulator



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The TeleDelta HDS2802-SAT is a combination DVB-S/S2 satellite receiver, multiplexer and DVB-T digital TV modulator.

With the advent of Analogue Television services being switched off, some areas will be left with no terrestrial broadcast services to distribute for free-to-air television service reception across multiple televisions.

The TeleDelta HDS2802-SAT is a cost effective solution for in-building reticulation or TV black-spot area infill transmission of free-to-air satellite television and radio channels.

Suitable for large homes, hotels, motels, small communities and other multi-television premises the HDS2802-SAT receives all Freeview TV and Radio channels from the satellite service, re-multiplexes and re-modulates these signals and outputs them for viewing on any Television or Set-top-Box with a Freeview|HD Tuner incorporated. The HDS2802-SAT requires no additional hardware at each digital TV location. TV users can view all the Freeview programs in digital quality using their normal digital TV and select channels with the normal remote control.

With no on-going costs or licences the TeleDelta HDS2802-SAT offers a hassle-free and cost effective solution for in-building multi-screen environments.

The HDS2802 Series allows you to distribute Freeview satellite and other Free-to-Air satellite Television and Radio services over new or existing coaxial cable. All you need to tune in to these signals is a Digital Television Tuner compatible with the MPEG2 or MPEG4 DVB-T standard, such as those used for Freeview HD reception in Televisions, Set-top-Boxes and DV Recorders.

The HDS2800 Series also has an IP IPTV Multicast Output to stream your Video & Audio over IP or IPTV Networks. This signal can be received by compatible connected Computers or Digital TV's and Set-top-Boxes. Media Player software such as the open-source VLC player can be used to receive this signal and display full-screen if desired.

The HDS2800 Series uses COFDM Modulation Technology in the UHF Band for transmission of the Digital Television (DVB-T) Signals. This is the same technology as adopted in Professional Broadcasting and ensures reliable transmission of HD signals with minimal errors and interference.

Typical Applications
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Properties with Multiple TV's
  • Pubs/Clubs
  • Universities and Training Environments
  • Commercial Premises
  • TV black spot areas
  • Remote Community TV coverage

  • DVB-S/DVB-S2 Television and Radio Channel Distribution
  • ASI Input/Output Interface
  • UDP IP Unicast/Multicast Output, MPTS (Multi-Program Transport Stream)
  • Wall-Mount or 1 RU Rack-Mount Frame options
  • Looping RF Input allows for cascading multiple units
  • Front panel LCD with control keys
  • Web-Based Graphical Interface for remote access and control
  • Output COFDM DVB-T RF and IP Multicast Streaming simultaneously
  • Excellent MER characteristics (MER > 42)
  • Adjustable LCN (Logical Channel Number), SI and DVB Tables
  • RF output frequency adjustable between: 30 ~ 960 MHz, in 1 kHz steps
  • RF output level adjustable between: -30 ~ -10 dBm, in 0.1 dB steps
  • Other RF output adjustments include: FEC, Guard Intervals, Constellation.

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