IRT SNMP Computer Software



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- Communication with up to 8 frames
- Easy to use tree structure
- Monitor and control SNMP functions
- 5 second polling option
- In built Trap receiver

The IRT SNMP software is a simple Windows based program for monitoring and controlling IRT cards fitted with SNMP capability via a computer acting as a Network Management System (NMS).

Up to 8 frame IP addresses can be accessed and individually named.

The structure is a tree structure requiring just a mouse click to open folders corresponding to the frame and to individual cards installed within the frame.

By clicking on a module position, information about the module is updated. A module can also be polled automatically every 5 seconds.

A Trap is an alarm function automatically sent, if enabled, to the NMS without being prompted by the NMS to do so. With the Trap receiver function turned on, Traps are automatically received and displayed. Traps can be individually acknowledged, and individually or all deleted.

The IRT SNMP software is available free as a download from IRT's website.

Note: requires to be run in conjunction with SNMP MIBs of modules of interest, also downloadable from web site.

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