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Andrew Solutions offers a complete range of HELIAX elliptical and rigid rectangular waveguide for use in terrestrial microwave and earth station antenna systems. HELIAX coaxial cables are provided for systems operating in microwave bands below 3 GHz. A complete range of waveguide and rectangular component connectors and accessories is also available.

Elliptical Waveguide
HELIAX Elliptical Waveguide is the recommended feeder for most microwave antenna systems in the 3.4 to 26.5 GHz frequency range. The corrugated copper walls give HELIAX elliptical waveguide excellent crush strength and good flexibility. A rugged black polyethylene jacket provides protection during handling and installation.

Rectangular Waveguide
Andrew Solutions offers rectangular waveguide for standard and low VSWR applications. Standard waveguide components cover the entire recommended frequency ranges, while low VSWR components are generally only available over narrow frequency ranges. For system planning and ordering, consult the EzGuide software as detailed below.

ezGuide Rectangular Waveguide Component Configurator
Use ezGuide to simplify the designing and ordering of rectangular waveguide components to meet the requirements of your transmission line system. The exact component type, waveguide size, flange types, component dimensions, operating frequency band, and finish can be specified with point-and-click options. Each product is pictured on screen and diagrammed for your reference.
Download ezGuide Software

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