Lilliput 339/DW-W - 7" FPV Monitor



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Lilliput 339/DW-W - 7" FPV Monitor with Dual 5.8GHZ Channel Auto Searching Function

Specific monitor by Lilliput for flying camera systems, aerial and outdoor photography. Strongly recommended for aerial enthusiast's and professional photographers.

The Lilliput 339/DW-W comes with dual 5.8Ghz reciever's which cover 4 bands and a up to a total of 32 channels. It also comes with channel auto searching and a built-in 2600mAh battery which supports up to 3-4 hour battery life. A wireless signal sensitivity indicator provies real-time display of the 5.8GHz signal sensitivity.

The 339/DW-W features an attractive IPS panel with a 1280x800 high resolution display. 178 degree viewing angles, high-brightness and contrast provide an excellent viewing experience.

  • Channel Auto Searching
  • 4 bands, total of 32 channels
  • Built-in battery and battery level indicator
  • Wireless signal sensitivity indicator
  • 4-hour timer & alert function
  • High resolution display 12800x800
  • High contrast - 800:1

Also available in the 339/DW series are:
  • 339/DW-W (White)
  • 339/DW-B (Black)

339/DW-B(FPV Dual 5.8GHz Channel Auto searching )


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New Zealand:
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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