D&R, Airmate-8-USB 8-ch triple input On-Air / Production console



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Airmate-USB 8 channel triple input radio On-Air / Production console with 2x USB and 2x Hybrids

Airmate-USB to fulfil the requirements for a high-grade low-cost radio production mixer. Built around well proven low noise circuitry, this console is the reliable workhorse for the self-op production D.J. that needs an internal Telephone Hybrid (2x) and 2x USB connection to the PC (e.q. for streaming to the web) A heavy-duty 19" rack mounted RF shielded chassis houses 8 vertical triple input modules giving flexibility rarely found in a mixer of this type.

Six input channels with high-quality balanced microphone inputs on XLR and two stereo line-level inputs on Cinch (RCA) connectors. And… every line level line B input can be converted into a phono (gramophone) channel by simply fitting an optional stereo R.I.A.A. equalized phono pre-amp. On top of this, we have added 4 Mic inserts for processing equipment.

• 6 balanced Mic inputs with 3 band EQ and inserts for voice processors.
• 12 stereo line inputs where every line B input can accept our RIAA pre-amp pcb to work with turntables..
• 2 USB stereo inputs (for radio play-out systems, such as our AIRCAST).
• 2 Telephone Hybrids built in with RJ 11 connectors for phones and landlines.
• Fader and On start on all 8 channels.
• ON-AIR light switching built in.
• Built in Talkback mic with routing to Clean-feed, Aux and/or Announcer outputs.
• Auto Control Room Monitor cut when in DJ mode.



Mic inputs: balanced 2kOhm, XLR.
Phantom: +48 volt. 
Noise : -122 dBr (A-weighted). 
USB: 2x Stereo in and 2x stereo 
Aux returns:- 10 dBv at 10kOhm stereo
Sensitivity: -70dB min, OdB max. 
Insert: Jack unbal. send 600 Ohm, -10dBV. 
Return: unbalanced 10kOhm -10dBv. 
Line inputs: unbal., 10kOhm, 
Cinch. Gain: range of 40dB. 
Phono inputs: unbal. 47kOhm, 5 mV. 
Program out.2 Track return: - 10 dBV at 10kOhm. 

Fully compliant with USB 2.0 playback and record mode. 2x Stereo in and main stereo left-right signal on both USB connectors HID Functions:Volume/Mute

 RJ-11 connectors for phone line/dialler Mix-Minus rejection @1kHz -30dB. 

Left/Right: + 4 dBu bal. XLR.
Monitor/Aux: + 4dBu unbal. on
Tape outp: -10dBv, unbal. Cinch.
Headphone:16-600 Ohm, Jack.
Announcer:16-600 Ohm, Jack.
USB out: Main program stereo signal
Cinch. Cleanfeed/Announcer: + 4dBu, Jacks. 

High: + / -12 dB at 12kHz shelving. 
Mid:  + / -12dB at 1 kHz bell curve. 
Low: + / -12dB at 60 Hz bell curve.

Frequency response: 10 - 60.000Hz. 
Distortion: < 0.009% max at 1 kHz. 
Start switch: optocoupler. 
Led bars: 21 segments. 
Power consumption: 30VA 90-240volt 50/60Hz 
Optional: AES-3 Program outputs.

Weight: 11kgs
Height: 95mm. 
Front-Back: 356mm (8HE). 
Left-Right 19” rack mount: (482mm width) 
Space below front panel: 20mm for the table top. 
For Drop through mounting cut a hole of 450 x 330 mm (console height is 95mm)

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