Andrew 78-HPT EZfit Manual Cable Preparation Tool for 7/8" Cable



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EZfit Manual Cable Preparation Tool for 7/8" coaxial cable.
The HPT manual cable preparation tool removes jacketing, cores foam and flares sheath for easy connector attachment. Drill not required.

EZfit installation tools were co-designed with EZfit connectors to provide an integrated approach for better connectorization. These easy-to-use tools allow installers, contractors, and network operators to quickly and accurately core and prepare cables. By precisely controlling cutting and coring, EZfit tools help ensure that every connection, regardless of the technician, is exact and consistent from cable to cable.

The EZfit Series of hand prep tools includes a tool for each connector size to help ensure optimum electrical performance, mechanical reliability, and network uniformity.

Choose from either drill driven tools for the greatest efficiency or economical hand prep tools to match the circumstances of your installation.

Download the Andrew Cable Accessories Product Catalogue (PDF, 5.0MB)

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