Inovonics, JUSTIN HD Radio Alignment Processor



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Inovonics' JUSTIN 808 maintains time alignment between analog FM and HD1 channels to within 23 microseconds (±1 sample). No more lost words, stuttering, echoes, or level shifts. The entire sync process is 100% automatic, and the JUSTIN's Web interface features SNMP support and dispatches e-mail and SMS alarm messages. 

What are broadcasters saying about the JUSTIN 808? 
"This is the kind of thing that will help make HD Radio better for listeners, car dealers, and the industry in general, by eliminating blending problems..." - Paul Shullins, Greater Boston Media. 

"The Justin 808 provides the confidence needed that time alignment between the FM and HD signals are as accurate as possible..." - Saul Perez of Emmis' KWPR in Los Angles.

"The JUSTIN 808 continues to do a consistently great job at keeping our HD and analog signals in alignment, even our station that has separate processing for the HD and analog which results in a wider and more rapid drifting of the HD to analog time delay" - Sam Caputa, Emmis Communications 

  • Precise time alignment between analog FM and HD1
  • Automatic phase correction and RMS gain leveling
  • Insert in either the FM or HD Radio AES digital feed
  • Full Web interface for remote control, metering, etc.
  • SMS/email alarms for loss of signal and loss of audio
  • Extensive data logging with graphic display
  • Auto failover with relay bypass

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