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Lilliput -7 inch Field Monitor (HDMI Input)

The 889GL-80NP/C/T is Lilliput's 8" monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio and touch screen, and is a more cost-effective alternative to the newer 869GL-80NP/C.

By providing only VGA and composite video connections, the 889GL-80NP/C/T is popular in the automotive and automation markets. It is built to perform well under bright ambient light, protect against vibration and shock and provide solid AV connections - all at a price considerably lower than competitors.

A combination of LED backlight technology and a matte touch screen panel with anti glare properties contribute to the 889GL-80NP/C/T's enhanced outdoor performance.

  • Touch screen control;
  • With VGA interface, connect with computer;
  • AV input: 1 audio, 2 video input;
  • High contrast: 500:1 ;
  • Built-in speaker;
  • Built-in multi-language OSD;
  • Remote control.

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