IRT, 2x10 Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier



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- Selectable stereo or mono mode.
- 10, 20 or 26 outputs (depending on connector type).
- Balanced or unbalanced operation.
- Front panel monitoring bantam jacks.
- LED audio activity indicators.
- Front panel gain adjustments.
- Optional remote control.
- Optional in line stereo tone generator.
- Selectable gain ranges: +6 dB, +12 dB & +18 dB.
- Maximum output level +24 dBu.
- Extended bandwidth option for ACS or timecode.

The IRT AAA-3131 is a high performance audio distribution amplifier. Its features allow standardisation on one ADA type to perform many functions with consequent overall cost savings.

The AAA-3131 can be used for either mono or stereo signals. It may be connected in balanced or unbalanced configurations for either inputs or outputs, making it ideal for duplicating applications.

Front panel access is provided for the gain adjustment of Left and Right channels from zero output to the maximum of the selected gain range.

LED's on the front panel indicate the presence of audio on each channel and balanced output bantam jacks are provided for front panel monitoring.

Optional plug in sub-boards may be fitted to suit special applications:
AAO-3130: FACTS stereo oscillator module. Left continuous & right interrupted with remote ADA/oscillator control switching.
CAA-3130: Remote select Stereo/L+R / Lmono / Rmono and L-phase reversal control module.
CAA-3132: Remote L&R gain, balance, stereo/mono and phase control module.

The AAA-3131 is fabricated in IRT's standard Eurocard format and may be housed in a variety of IRT Eurocard frames alongside other standard modules.

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