IRT, Balanced / Unbalanced Line Audio Interface Amplifiers



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- User configurable
- Unbalanced to Balanced or Balanced to Unbalanced
- High common mode rejection
- Wide gain range
- High packaging density

The AAA-3780 Eurocard audio interface amplifier module contains four separate amplifiers designed to provide level matching and to interface balanced 600 Ohm and unbalanced high impedance audio signals.

The AAA-3780 is a standard IRT Eurocard module and is compatible with our other Eurocard products.

Gain controls are accessible on the front panel.

Each of the four channels can be individually configured as either balanced to unbalanced or unbalanced to balanced.

Uses for the AAA-3780 include:
- Gain matching of multiple unbalanced signals to balanced audio signals at a central location.
- Matching balanced signals to unbalanced lines.
- Using hi-fi components such as CD players in a professional studio chain.
- Matching studio signals to unbalanced recorders.
- Matching transducers to instrumentation recorders.

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