IRT, Analogue Stereo to AES/EBU Audio Converter



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- Balanced stereo inputs.
- High impedance or 600 Ohm input termination.
- AES external reference input.
- Balanced 110 Ohm or unbalanced 75 Ohm AES output rear assembly options.
- Front panel AES monitoring point.

The IRT AAC-3390 is an analogue audio to AES/EBU digital audio signal converter, and converts standard stereo analogue audio signals to the AES3-1992 and SMPTE-276 AES digital audio standard.

The input signals are a stereo pair of balanced audio at the standard +4 dBu line up level.

The outputs are three serial digital audio signals; one unbalanced BNC connection on the front panel for monitoring and two from the rear panel assembly. The latter can be 110 Ohms balanced using the ZAC- 3391 rear panel assembly or 75 Ohms unbalanced BNC connections using the ZAC-3390 rear panel assembly.

A further input is provided for a reference AES input signal to lock the signal from the AAC-3390 to a station reference.

The reference input can be either 110 Ohms terminating balanced line or 75 Ohms terminating unbalanced line. Both connections are provided on the rear panel assembly. Selection of the input type is by links on the AAC-3390 main circuit board.

Front panel LED indicators are provided for DC voltage, presence of input audio levels above -30 dBu, lock to external AES reference and overflow at 0 dBFS corresponding to the +24dBu full scale input audio level.

The AAC-3390 is designed to fit the IRT range of Eurocard mounting frames, including the 12 or 10 slot 3 RU and 2 slot 1 RU rack mounting frames.

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