IRT, Stereo Phase & Fail Alarm



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- Individual left and right failure outputs.
- Stereo out of phase output.
- Adjustable threshold on each output.
- Adjustable fail and restore times.
- Relay isolated outputs.
- Front panel indications.
- Remote, local or auto reset.

The AAD-4130 audio detector is designed to detect the presence of a stereo program signal and provide alarm outputs on failure of the left, right or both channels and of stereo phase reversal. Alternately the AAD-4130 can be used to monitor two mono audio circuits and provide individual alarm outputs on failure of an audio circuit.

The AAD-4130 will accept audio signals in the range -20dBm to +20dBm from a balanced or unbalanced source, presenting an input impedance of 10kOhm.

The detector circuitry consists of precision rectifier circuits driving comparators, which enable oscillators that trigger dual mono stable circuits that allow the response time of the alarm circuits to be set. The response time is set by means of DIP switches in the RC timing circuit and is adjustable from 5 to 160 seconds for the AUDIO FAIL time out and 5 to 40 seconds for the AUDIO PRESENT response time, the adjustment being made in 5 second steps.

The alarm circuitry consists of latching circuits triggered by the detector circuits. These drive two relays whose contacts are available at the rear panel of the AAD-4130. The alarm circuits can be reset automatically upon return of the audio signals or by a contact closure from the front panel or a remote circuit.

Visual indication of the state of the AAD-4130 detector and alarm circuits is provided by LED indicators on the front panel.

The AAD-4130 is built to the Eurocard format and will mount in all IRT standard frames.

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