BDI - Dual Input Automatic Multiswitch



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Broadcast Devices - AES 2 Input Automatic Multiswitcher

The AES-403 is a 2 input AES3 compatible digital audio switcher or can be configured to accept an analog balanced left/right pair on one channel forming an analog/digital switcher combination. Similar to the BDI AES-402 the unit has a silence sensor and can be programmed to automatically switch to an alternate path in the event of channel loss due to silence or digital errors. 

Uses include EAS audio injection for plants supporting analog and AES3 audio distribution for broadcast or virtually any application where switching between analog and digital audio paths are desired. Or use as a two input digital switcher, the choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Two - Input Digital Switcher  - One channel configurable to accept balanced analog L/R input 
  • Two - Digital Outputs 
  • One - Balanced Left/Right Analog Output 
  • Front Panel Digital Status 
  • Headphone Confidence Monitor Output 
  • Remote Control of Channel Selection GPIO and RS232/485 Serial 
  • Status of Channel Position 
  • Global Power Supply - works virtually anywhere in the world

AES-403 Datasheet Here:


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