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APEX-Air is the ultimate solution for any radio station. 
Whether you are a small Internet station, or a large multi-station group, APEX-Air has all you need, for an affordable price.
APEX-Air automation gives you the best live assist experience possible. Giving your radio hosts the tools necessary to create a powerful and dynamic show.

Custom user profiles.
The live (on-air) screen gives you complete control of how it looks. Resize, and map any module to your exact preference, and then save your user profile. 

Multi-Sort Audio Library Search.
Your Hosts also have complete access to your audio library. They can create custom play lists quickly using the multi-sort function of the library.

APEX radio automation allows you to connect to one, or as many networked studios as you like. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, or manage all of your audio libraries from a single PC.


  • Manual Records - Create a recording by manually starting and stopping the record. Quickly trim, normalize and edit the file for quick play back.
  • Timed Records - Create a schedule of recordings, that will automatically record the selected audio source at a specified time.
  • Record Satellite Sources - Record satellite audio for later playback.
  • Auto-Schedule to Play - Schedule your timed record file to auto-play at designated times.

Live Assist
  • Hot Key Pages - Create hot key pages for quick access to specified audio files.
  • Live Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.
  • Live Voice track - Quickly and Easily voice track your show live.
  • Multi-Monitor Compatible - Connect 2 or more monitors, and place your modules anywhere on the screens.
  • User Profile Screens - Create custom user profiles, to quickly save the layout of your On-Air modules.

Hard Disk
  • Plays .mp3, .mp2 & .wav - It will also automatically pull MP3 tag data, such as Title and Artist information.
  • Touchscreen compatible - Will work with any Windows based touchscreen monitor.
  • Never have Dead Air - Autofill protection if audio is missing or if the hour is under scheduled.
  • Autofill Protection - Software will recognize if a file is out of kill date, or is missing, and will autoplay another specific file based on user settings.
  • Music Categories - Create up to 21 different music categories and schedule special music hours.
  • Play out Sound Card - Is capable of playing audio out a physical sound card.

  • Standard Windows Network - Works on a standard Windows network infrastructure, and not require any special hardware or software to communicate over the network.
  • Networked Audio Production - Allows audio files to be imported over the network into the On-Air computer software. 
  • APEX-Tools Compatible - Will work with APEX Tools and utilize all of its features. Learn more.
  • Connect 2+ studios - Using the APEX-Tools software, you can connect to as many LAN connected studios.
  • Network Reports - Generate reports on any computer on your LAN.
  • Network Scheduling - Modify any of your schedules for any of your stations on your LAN.

  • Cart Rotations - Create cart rotations for spots for easy scheduling and playback.
  • Start & Kill Dates - Add kill dates for files to play at only certain times of the year.
  • 3rd Party Traffic Import - Import 3rd party traffic schedules to quickly schedule your week.
  • Music Clocks - Create custom clocks to merge with traffic, or music. Extremely flexible and powerful.
  • Merge 3rd Party Schedules - Capable of merging a 3rd party music file with a traffic file.

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