5 Channel - 2 Mic, Stereo Line, Phone Mix-Minus, USB Sound



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The ARC-5 broadcast radio console is the ultimate compact board. It is perfect for applications such as podcasting, production studios, on the road, as well as small broadcast or internet radio.

It comes standard with two mics, stereo line input, USB and mix-minus to connect to your phone hybrid. It gives you all the essentials at a fraction of the cost.

Compact, and durable.

The ARC-5 radio console is compact and durable for professional Radio applications. The 0.059" steel chassis is extremely strong and well finished with a powder coat finish. The front panel graphics are on the reverse side of a beautiful polycarbonate overlay for scratch resistance and long life. The switches have LED lighted indicators to clearly display switch status. It is excellent for so many different applications, it would be foolish not to have one.

All killer, no filler.

The ARC-5 board has all the essential elements for an audio mixer, and is a great value for its low price.

Its stereo input channel has both unbalanced & balanced connectors. It has 6 inputs, with 5 channels. Channel 5 is the USB channel that connects to a PC for playback and record. Channel 4 connects to a phone hybrid.

Logic control.

Switch cameras, or control external hardware with the press of a button. The ARC-5 comes with 4 logic buttons that send a dry contact closure to any 3rd party hardware. Whether you want to switch between cameras in your studio, or start an automation player, play jingles, or sound effects, the ARC-5 logic buttons give you complete control.

5 Types of Channels

  • 2 High-Performance mic channels. Perfect for a Guest/Host configuration.
  • High-performance mic channels, with XLR inputs.
  • High-performance mic preamps.
  • 48 VDC phantom power (optional, $69).
  • Channel 1 features a Talk button to talk to a Studio monitor.
  • LED illuminated switch lamps.

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