Arrakis, ARC 8 Ch Analogue Radio Console



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Pricing includes international shipping, customs clearance and Australia / New Zealand 220-240V power configuration. Pricing is ex-Warehouse Sydney or Auckland.

  • 10 source inputs: 2 mic, 7 stereo line, 1 PC USB
  • 8 input channels
    - 2 high quality Mic channels (with optional 48VDC phantom power)
    - 5 stereo line input channels (with both unbalanced and balanced inputs)
    - Channel 8 is selectable between a PC USB sound card input & a stereo line input
  • Stereo Program Mixing bus (with both balanced and unbalanced outputs)
  • PC USB output of the Program bus for recording in digital direct to your PC
  • Monitor, Headphone, and Cue system with External input for off air monitoring
  • Cue system autocues (with Program dimming) into the Monitor & Headphone systems
  • Balanced Mix minus Telephone output for interfacing with an external phone hybrid
  • Conductive plastic slide faders & LED switch lamps for long life
  • Polycarbonate overlay graphics for a scratch resistant front surface

With a single stereo mixing bus, the ARC-8 is ideal for fast paced live on air, production, and remote applications. Two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports Telephone talk formats or call ins. The "Talk" button on mic channel one feeds the mic to the caller and the caller to the console cue system... fast and easy! The ARC-8 even has a built in PC USB sound card on channel 8B to play in digital directly from your favorite PC audio software. At the same time, the Program output from the console records in digital over the USB directly to your PC recording software. Arrakis even provides "Digilink-Xtreme" software with the system to get you on air & doing production immediately. The ARC-8 is also easy to install with BOTH professional balanced and consumer unbalanced input & output jacks. The ARC-8 is ideal for any on air or production radio application!

The ARC-8 console is compact and durable for professional Radio applications. The 0.059" steel chassis is extremely strong and well finished with two part epoxy paint. The front panel graphics are on the reverse side of a beautiful polycarbonate overlay for scratch resistance and long life. The switches have LED lighted indicators to clearly display switch status. The power supply is an external auto-sensing 90-240VAC module to support domestic and international applications.

Four types of input channels:
  • Channels One & Two are Mic channels
  • Channels Three through Seven are stereo Line level Channels
  • Built-in PC sound card on Channel 8B for Play & Record
  • Telephone Channel on Channel Seven for Live On Air Talk or Off-line Contests

Balanced, Unbalanced, & Digital outputs:
  • The main Program Output is both Balanced & Unbalanced
  • A Digital audo output via USB to a Windows PC

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