Newtec AZ128 Azimuth High-Speed Telco Satellite Modulator



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The AZ128 High Speed Telco Satellite Modulator is to be used in pair with the High Speed Telco Demodulator AZ928 to establish fixed rate 155.52 Mbit/s point-to-point satellite links.
The equipment interconnects seamlessly with standard terrestrial SDH / SONET networks via a STM-1 or OC-3 interface. The satellite transmission can be operated on 54 MHz or 72 MHz transponders.

The modulation is fully compliant with the DVB-S2 standard and provides exceptional power and bandwidth efficiency. When activated, the linear and non-linear predistortion option Equalink™ provides an additional link margin improvement of up to 2dB.

In standard configuration the AZ128 operates with a 16APSK modulation scheme.

At the output of the modulator, the signal is available on an IF-band (50–180 MHz) or L-band (950-1750 MHz) interface. Optionally, it is possible to deliver a 10MHz reference to an external upconverter. A programmable digital equalizer compensates for the external amplitude slope of the cable.

- 155 Mbit/s transmission on a 54 or 72 MHz satellite transponder
- 16 APSK modulation schemes
- Optional linear and non-linear predistortion (Equalink™)
- Electrical G.703 and optical interfaces
- Full remote control and monitoring capability that easily integrates with market leading network management systems

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Syd: 02 8213 0200  Mel: 03 8691 5210 Qld: 07 3607 3785 WA/SA/NT: 08 8120 3203

New Zealand:
Akl: 09 271 4000 Wel:  04 499 3888

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