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1x6 SDI Distribution
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Our innovative BAT Series line of mini converters offers superior signal quality with the lowest SDI jitter. The BAT Series is a versatile and feature-packed solution for your project and budget requirements. Based on your conversion needs, there are six models to choose from supporting a full range of SDI (3G/HD/SD), HDMI and Analog Composite/Component options. 

1 to 6 Video Distribution
With BAT Distributor, you can multiply your video 6 times. This configuration is perfect when you need to send the same video signal to many monitors.

Lumantek BAT SD1
BAT SD Specs

Re-Clocking and Amplification
Video signals going through BAT Distributor are amplified and sent out. Meaning, the signals can reach further cable distances from where the BAT Distributor is positioned.

Low Power Consumption
BAT Distributor operates with 2 watts of power, making the maximum heat produced to be 50 degrees Celcius.

Easy Distribution
LUMANTEK's BAT Distributor is a converter sized distributor which provides great mobility to the user. Pretty simply designed, BAT Distributor will be a handy device to share your videos on multiple screens.


Datasheet | Related Products | Brochure 


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