Andrew, Cinta 195 Braided Coaxial Cable



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Andrew Commscope CNT-195, CINTA 50 Ohm Braided Coaxial Cable, black PE jacket.

Andrews CNT is designed to meet real-world challenges anywhere you need robust, low loss braided cable solutions. This super-flexible cable performs reliably in every situation. Featuring industry standard PIM ratings, CNT cables are available in a wide array of sizes and lengths to accommodate every need, including outdoor, direct burial, fire-rated, and plenum.

Designed to Flex
Braided cable technology has turned the corner with Andrew CNT. Installations with a tight bend radius call for it. CNT is exceptionally robust for ease of use anywhere. Designed to flex and endure, CNT stays strong and reliable through every twist and turn of your installation.

Engineered for Low Loss
Andrew CNT cables and connectors are essential for any emerging network application that requires low signal loss. Our proven braiding technology helps ensure lower attenuation at every frequency. Even when flexed into the tightest bend radius for an extended time, Andrew CNT cable minimizes loss so you always get maximum intermodulation performance.

Built to Perform
Andrew CNT braided cables are constructed from the highest quality copper, aluminum, and polyethylene materials for superb electrical and mechanical performance. Andrew CNT cable solutions satisfy any application, indoors or outdoors, with robust outer jackets that shield them from abrasion and environmental damage. CNT provides an ideal balance of performance, flexibility, and economy. The bottom line? Andrew CNT cables are built to perform.

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