IRT, 8 Output AES/EBU Distribution Amplifier



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- 8 outputs.
- 75 and 110 Ohm inputs.
- Choice of 75 or 110 Ohm outputs by changing rear connector assembly.
- Front panel monitoring output.
- Optional plug-in SNMP monitoring module.
- All inputs and outputs transformer coupled.
- Digital circuit re-shapes output and restores level.
- No cable compensation adjustments required.

The DAA-4400 is designed to provide a solution to most AES/EBU digital audio signal distribution requirements.

The DAA-4400 supersedes the DAA-3400 and provides all of its predecessor's functions together with the added option of a plug-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring module for use with IRT's 4000 series SNMP system frame.

The DAA-4400 will operate at any frequency from 34 to 54 kHz and may be used with non-AES digital signals that have a net zero DC content.

Whilst analogue VDA's may be used for 75 Ohm AES signals, the digital circuitry of the DAA-4400 offers the advantage of restoring the signal rise and fall times and output level without the need to manually adjust gain and compensation controls.

Individual rear assemblies are available for 75 Ohm or 110 Ohm use. No changes are required to the main DA to convert between the two output types.

Additional rear assemblies of either type may be ordered separately. Both types include both 110 and 75 Ohm input connectors. The required input is selected by links on the main PCB.

The DAA-4400 is designed to fit IRT's standard Eurocard frames as well as IRT's 4000 series frame for use with IRT's SNMP system and may be used alongside any other of IRT's analogue or digital Eurocards.

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