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Taking pride of place in the extensive DEVA product range, the DB45 is the go-to piece of equipment if reliable monitoring of the FM signal is required. Compact, yet versatile, with an impressive combination of features, it provides an accurate and dependable measurement of the RF level, MPX deviation, MPX power, Left & Right audio levels, RDS, and Pilot injection levels.                                   

The device boasts a fully DSP-based core and guarantees round-the-clock operation. It also supports TCP/IP and optional GSM connectivity, allowing for easy monitoring of the channel status and listening to real-time audio no matter where you are - all you need is a mobile phone. As an additional feature, the tool also offers a built-in audio streamer which gives users the opportunity to listen to and record the audio from any station.                                   

It is a cost-effective solution,  which is also easy to install and manage, and sure to give you impeccable monitoring performance.                                            

Warranty:  2 years parts and labours in our premises       


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