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DEVA’s  DB7012  –  Professional  DAB/DAB+  Monitoring Receiver is an elegant and smart monitoring solution specifically developed by our engineers to fully comply with the Digital Audio Broadcasting standard while strictly adhering to the signature features underlying the company’s products. A highly practical design coupled with a wide range of features makes this device a guarantee of slick and smooth performance.                                           

As part of a top-quality line of DEVA products dedicated to one of the major areas in the industry – Digital Audio Broadcasting, the DB7012 fully meets the ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standard. It is an impressive piece of equipment that supports AAC,  AAC+,  MP3  and  RTP and provides compatibility with the most popular media platforms, including Icecast and Shoutcast. Additionally, it offers support for Program Associated Data (PAD), as well as all standard bitrates and VBR and automatically displays live metadata. What is more, it offers another indispensable element of each DEVA product – easy control and setup.                                              

Based on our engineers’ relentless pursuit of improvement and their vast experience with delivering high-end gear to a demanding and competitive market,  the  DB7012 offers a successful combination of top monitoring performance and user-friendly operation.

Warranty:  2 years parts and labours in our premises


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