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The  DB90-RX is an integrated client for IP transmitted digital audio signal, designed to support  HE-AAC  and MPEG-1  Layer  3 compressed audio streams and the PCM uncompressed stream for audio transmission without quality loss. Thanks to the powerful DSP processor, the decoding process is performed in real time and the audio is available at both the digital and the analog outputs.                                       

The DB90-RX utilizes one main and two backup audio sources. You can choose between IP Audio, Icecast, and the  RTP  Audio  Player.  Of course, the source priority is user-defined.  If the audio signal of the main source disappears, the device will switch to the first available backup source and vice-versa: when the main audio signal is recovered, the DB90-RX will automatically switch back to it.                                       

The DB90-RX, in combination with the easy to use WEB Interface (accessible via any standard WEB browser and OS), can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, and Studio to Transmitter Link.                                            

Warranty:  2 years parts and labours in our premises                                       


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