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The DB90-TX is an integrated audio converter that translates the audio signal into a high quality compressed audio stream.  The signal is compressed with  HE-AAC,  MPEG-1  Layer  3  encoder.  In order to ensure audio transmission without quality loss,  the  DB90-TX also supports an uncompressed PCM  stream.  The audio compression is performed in real time and the output signal is transmitted directly over IP-based networks.                                        

The DB90-TX can work with both analog and digital audio signals. Although sophisticated, the DB90-TX comes in a small and compact form that allows quick and efficient streaming of the program audio to the Internet. The unit can be used as an Icecast compatible server, Icecast Source Client, or Real Time Protocol (RTP) sender.                                           

Developed with the goal of easiness of use, the DB90-TX can be managed through a standard Web browser. iOS and Android devices are also supported, making this tool the best choice for not only professional but also newbie broadcasters.                                   

Warranty:  2 years parts and labours in our premises                                       


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