IRT, 270Mb/s / ASI / SDI 4 Ch MUX Fibre Optic Receiver



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- 270 Mb/s type signals, such as ASI and SDI, capability.
- Automatic cable equalisation for up to 200m on each input.
- Maximum optical path loss of 32dB.
- External urgent and non-urgent alarms for system monitoring.
- Optional plug-in SNMP monitoring module.

- Multichannel digital with data on a single fibre.
- Upgrade capacity of existing fibre.
- Maintain timing between related signals by ensuring same path transmission delay.

The DDT-4220 accepts up to four 270 Mb/s input signals which may be ASI, SDI or a mixture of each type. The signals need not be phase or frequency synchronous.

The signals are time division multiplexed into a single 1.302 Gb/s stream and transmitted via single mode fibre to the DDR-4225 receiver, which performs the reverse operation and restores correct 270 Mb/s timing.

In addition to the four 270 Mb/s channels, a single RS422 channel is included for transmission of auxiliary data at rates of up to 9600 baud.

The DDT-4220/DDR-4225 optical system is primarily designed for use with a 9/125µm single mode fibre and will allow an optical path loss from 4dB up to 32dB.

An optional Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) plug-in module is available for remote monitoring of input and output status and alarm states.

The DDT-4220 transmitter comes available with a choice of standard 1310nm laser (order code DDT-4220/1300) or a DFB 1550nm laser (order code DDT-4220/1550). Other wavelengths are available on request. The DDR-4225 receiver is the same regardless of transmitter wavelength.

The modules are designed to fit IRT’s standard Eurocard frames as well as IRT’s 4000 series frame for use with IRT’s SNMP system and may be used alongside any other of IRT’s analogue or digital Eurocards.

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