Digilink-HD-Complete. On-Air software. Bridge switcher. DHD-Tools. 1Yr support/u



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The Digilink Series has evolved since the early 90's. Digilink-Xtreme was created in 2004, and Digilink-HD in 2014. There are thousands of users using the Digilink software, and more are getting added every day.
Digilink-HD-Complete is the full featured version of Digilink-HD. It has everything that Digilink-HD-AIR has, including the satellite switcher, which allows you to do satellite automation along with Ball Games.

Connect up to 10 On-Air studios and unlimited auxiliary studios. 
Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, add audio to specific stations and manage your audio libraries. 
With Digilink-HD Tools, you have an all access pass to all networked stations. 
Give your staff the ability to do their work from any studio, at any time, on their schedule. 

Live Assist:
Each DJ has quick access to all major components for live assist. Add a second monitor, and immediately you have twice the information at your fingertips.
Touchscreen compatible, the Digilink-HD & Xtreme allow you to access Hot Keys on the fly. 
You can also create custom playlists, look at reports and search through your audio database in seconds.
Got a specific song in mind, but can't remember the name? Use the powerful search function. 
Have a phone call and want to quickly record the call for instant playback, use the Recorder. DHD enables your DJ's to do more, with more.

Voice Tracking:
Want to sound live 24x7 without the costs of being live 24x7? 
Digilink-HD gives you the ability to create elaborate voice tracks using its built in segue editor and voice track recorder.
As your song fades out, play a music bed under your voice track. 
Auto-duck the incoming song and finish your voice track clean and tight. The process is quick, and very customisable, thus expanding your "Live" hours to when no one is at the station.

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