IRT, 270 Mb/s SDI to Composite Converter & DA



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- Broadcast quality, full 10-bit video conversion.
- 4 Equalised, regenerated and re-clocked repeater outputs.
- 3 Composite analogue outputs with high quality 10 bit D/A.
- Component (RGB, YPbPr) or S-Video (Y/C) output.
- PAL or NTSC operation with auto or manual switching.
- SDI input loss and decoded video indicators on front panel.
- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) capability.

The DVC-4112 is a high performance SDI 270 Mbit/s serial digital video to analogue composite/component converter and distribution amplifier.

The DVC-4112 is designed to regenerate a link and provide a broadcast quality analogue composite or component signal.

The serial receiver section, shown in the block diagram above, automatically equalises and re-clocks the input serial video signal and the cable driver section retransmits the regenerated serial video.

This configuration allows both an extension of the link and a jitter performance advantage over non re-clocking regenerators.

The DVC-4112 is primarily intended to operate in mixed (digital and analogue) environments allowing existing analogue monitoring equipment to be utilised without the need to purchase more expensive digital equipment.

The DVC-4112 provides component outputs for most requirements: RGB, YPbPr and S-VHS (Luma + Chroma). Three composite outputs are always available plus a choice of one of the remaining component formats.

Full 10 bit video processing and 10-bit digital to analogue converters are used in order to assure a high quality analogue signal suitable for broadcast and production monitoring applications.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring is possible if mounted in IRT's 4000 series frame fitted with SNMP capability.

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