Deviser E7000a series Cable and Antenna Analyzer



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Deviser Electronics - E7000A Cable and Antenna Analyzer.

E7000A series cable and antenna analyzer is a perfect instrument for wireless and broadcasting base station. It covers 25MHz to 6100MHz frequency span and fits for the wireless communication and broadcasting market.

E7000A series provides 3 GHz spectrum analyzer option. The spectrum analyzer option can be configured as spectrum analyzer, interference analysis, power meter, and field strength meter. With the multi-functional capabilities, it eliminates the need to carry and learn multiple instruments. E7000A series is integrated with cable & antenna analyzer and spectrum analyzer. Users can perform measurement for wireless and broadcasting base station installation, maintenance with only one instrument - E7000A series.


  • Return Loss/VSWR: With >42 dB return loss dynamic range, E7000A series verifies the cable and antenna system which conform to performance specifications.
  • Cable Loss: Cable loss function measures insertion loss within the cable feedline system. The E7000A series automatically calculates the average cable loss.
  • Spectrum Analyzer Option (E7000A-SA): E7000A-SA covers 9 k Hz to 3 GHz frequency range. With this option, E7000A series can provide spectrum analysis, power meter channel power,field strength,spectrogram display, ACPR, OBW and interference signal analysis functions.
  • GPS Receiver Option: GPS receiver option provides location (longitude, latitude, altitude) and Universal Time (UT) information. For the E7000A series, all measurement results can be saved with location and time information.

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