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Digital IP STL EtherMPX - New Version 3
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EtherMPX is an IP STL system designed to transport real-time MPX with RDS or L/R signal from the studio to transmitter, through TCP/IP network. An affordable direct replacement of your analog STL, with higher performance!

Professional IP STLs must deliver uncompromised quality, no modulation overshoots, no audible latency for live on-air monitoring and time accuracy for SFN operation. Should be made of high reliability and dedicated hardware, unlike ordinary computer systems, and specifically designed to operate in a harsh environment like the mountains where the transmitters are located.

EtherMPX is an IP STL designed exactly with these principles. It has the advantage to transparently transport Analog or Digital MPX with 2.5mS latency, and Analog or Digital L/R discrete channels over uncompressed linear PCM 24bit 48kHz (L/R mode) or 24bit 192kHz (MPX mode). State-of-the-art components for the analog section provide high-end quality, with DC-coupled inputs & outputs
decoder_1120 (1)

Key Facts

  • Transparent Analog or Digital MPX (MPX over AES), or two discrete L/R channels (analog or AES).
  • Built-in MPX SFN support with PTP sync (up to 6.000km in basic version). No GPS receivers!
  • Unicast or Multicast operation to feed unlimited number of FM transmitters with MPX from one encoder.
  • Linear uncompressed PCM 24-bit audio.
  • Very low audio latency: 2,5mS in MPX mode.
  • Perfect match with Sigmacom DDS-30 Exciter with Digital MPX input.
  • Can be used with high-quality 802.11a/n Ethernet links.
  • DC coupled, balanced Analog inputs & outputs with -130dBc noise floor.
  • No modulation overshoots due compression or AC capacitor coupling.
  • Decoder provides simultaneously Analog & Digital output for the transmitter redundancy.
  • Aux RS232 serial transparent link, Studio to Transmitter.
  • Auto switchover to Analog input when Digital signal is lost.
  • Centralized remote control & management software

Sigmacom Broadcast EtherMPX

                                             A complex implementation example, transporting 2 radio programs to 3 different TX locations:


Specifications | Example | Related Products

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