Clark, Fieldflex Heavy Duty 20 AWG Microphone Cable



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  • Ultra-Flexible Mink Jacket - exceptional flexibility and abrasion resistant
  • Heavy Duty Construction - built for stage, studio and remote broadcast applications
  • Low Loss 20 AWG Conductors- low loss, corrosion resistant and exceptional flex-life
  • Excellent Noise Rejection- precision pair twisting maximizes RF/EMI rejection
  • 95% Braid with Drain Wire - full coverage shielding and easy termination
  • Corrosion Resistant - tinned copper conductors and braid virtually eliminate corrosion

Clark's FF220 FieldFlex microphone cable delivers both flexibility and durability for staging, studio, or hostile environment applications. The high strand 20AWG conductors (41 strands per conductor), have exceptional flexibility, flex-life and low DC resistance. For enhanced common-mode and RF/EMI rejection, the FF220 features tight-twist balanced pairs that are shielded with a 95% corrosion resistant braid and drain wire. The outer jacket is extruded from Clark's MINK ultra-flexible PVC compound that has both exceptional flexibility and abrasion resistance characteristics.

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