15.6" Commercial Android tablet, 1366x768 LCD, PCAP Touch, Cortex A9, Quad Core



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Mimo Monitors’ high-end tablets are designed specifically for the commercial and retail space. The commercial tablets are optimized for the unique needs of these applications, providing 24/7 running capability and superior performance over consumer tablet models. The Adapt IQ tablet is designed with durable hardware that is crafted and tested for the demands of commercial environments, including a rugged case and tempered glass exterior, and SD card protection system, stereo audio output, VESA mounting capabilities, and more.

TThe Adapt-IQ Mimo digital signage tablet display is designed with versatile connectivity options, including the option to enable secure, wired Ethernet connection, as well as strong, high-performing wireless connections. The Adapt-IQ tablet is expertly engineered to prevent the need for battery power, making it a durable and easily integrated tool for a variety of commercial environments.

The Mimo Adapt-IQ tablet is uniquely designed for exceptional user experience, offering a durable mounted Android digital display option for a variety of commercial applications, including retail POS/POP, businesses in the industrial sectors, and hospitality industries. This commercial tablet is optimized for integration into kiosks, end-cap displays, as well as customer-facing digital and touch screen display applications in the POS/POP retail space.

Product Specs:

  • Display Size - 15.6 inches
  • Display Resolution - 1366x766
  • Brightness  - 350cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio  - 600:1
  • Viewing Angle - 85/85/85/85(L/R/U/D)
  • Connections - Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Power Consumption - 18W
  • Dimensions - 15.24" (387mm) x 9.45" (240mm) x 1.06" (27mm)(thickness)


  • 10 point touch projected capacitive
  • CPU - ARM Cortex-A9
  • 8GB eMMC Flash
  • 2D Barcode sc

  • anner (optional)
  • +, -, Up, Down Menu/Enter
  • Body and cover are black ABS & PC

Also Available:
  • MCT-156QDS-POE

Datasheet can be found here:
Mimo Adapt-IQ 15.6-inch Digital Signage TabletMimo Adapt-IQ 15.6-inch Digital Signage TabletMimo Adapt-IQ 15.6-inch Digital Signage TabletMimo Adapt-IQ 15.6-inch Digital Signage Tablet


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