IRT, ASI to ASI Network Interface Adapter



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- ASI to ASI conversion
- Reed Solomon encoding or decoding
- Interleaving or de-interleaving
- Scrambling or descrambling
- Packet length indication
- 188 to 204 & 204 to 188 byte conversion, where appropriate
- SNMP capable

The MDC-4570 is an ASI to ASI data transcoder for converting between the commonly used MPEG2 Transport Stream formats in the broadcast industry for video distribution.

The MDC-4570 can operate at ASI rates from 2 Mb/s to the full 213 Mb/s rate. When set up for encoding, it can perform 188 to 204 byte conversion, scrambling, RS encoding and interleaving. When set up for decoding, it can perform de-interleaving, RS correction, descrambling and 204 to 188 byte conversion. All functionality is switch selectable.

The MDC-4570 finds particular use in protecting ASI streams when interfacing through various types of links, such as microwaves, satellite, or Telco G.703 links.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is available for monitoring of switch settings and signal parameters when used in an IRT frame fitted with SNMP capability.

The MDC-4570 is designed to fit IRT's standard Eurocard frames and may be used alongside any other of IRT's analogue or digital Eurocards.

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