IRT, G.703 to ASI Network Interface Adapter



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- Wide Range of G.703 to ASI conversions
- E3 or DS3 operation with automatic DS3 De-framing
- Reed Solomon correction
- De-interleaving
- De-scrambling
- Packet length indication

The MDR-3670 is part of a family of data transcoders for converting between the commonly used MPEG2 Transport Stream formats in the broadcast industry for video distribution.

The MDR-3670 operates with either an E3 (34.368 Mb/s) or DS3 (44.736 Mb/s) G.703 rates.

There are several industry modes of encoding that can be decoded by the MDR-3670. They are loosely classified as follows:
Standard: IRT MDT-3570, DDC-3480
Upstream: Similar to above
Downstream: Packet stuffed
Compatible: 9 bit decoding, IRT MFC-3485

This range covers most other manufacturer's equipment.

Front panel switches allow Reed Solomon correction and/or the removal of interleaving and scrambling (energy dispersal). On board switches allow 204 to 188 conversion, after decoding.

The MDR-3670 is fabricated in IRT's standard Eurocard format and may be housed in a variety of IRT's frames.

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