IRT, 270Mb, ASI, SDI to Ethernet Network Interface Adapter



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- 270Mb/ASI/SDI to Gigabit Ethernet to 270Mb/ASI/SDI conversion
- Set up as either transmitter, receiver or both (transceiver)
- Supports enabling of Forward Error Correction (FEC)
- IP de-jittering
- RTP encapsulation
- SNMP setup and control

The MEM-4660 acts as a gateway between a 270Mb/s ASI or SDI, and a Gigabit Ethernet network environment.

The MEM-4660 is designed to operate as a pair with one unit at each end of the link. The unit can be set up to act as a transmitter or receiver for uni-directional operation, or as a transceiver (transmitter and receiver) for bi-directional operation.

It is also possible to use multiple units at multiple locations to receive from a single transmitting unit.

All parameters are set and read via a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) system. As such the MEM-4660 must be operated, or at least set up, in one of IRT’s frames fitted with SNMP capability.

Forward Error Control (FEC) can be enabled or disable on the transmitter with a 4/5 Length/Depth setting.

The Gigabit Ethernet port has automatic MDI/MDI-X detection. This detects whether the Ethernet interconnect cable is a straight through or cross over type and automatically switches itself to accommodate.

The MEM-4660 is designed to fit IRT’s current Eurocard 1RU and 3RU frames fitted with SNMP control.

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