Andrew, Indoor UMTS 2100 Repeater



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  • Multi-functional capabilities and modular design
  • Continuously monitors and adapts to the RF environment via autogain feature
  • Lightweight and compact footprint for easy installation
  • Easy commissioning and setup via web-based browser
  • Variable bandwidth settings from 1 to 25 MHz
  • LEDs for local alarm indicators
  • LCD display for RSSI, gain, output power, and status indication
  • Optional remote control via SMS
  • Remote alarming through SNMP alarm traps
  • Connection to LAN
  • Compliant with all regulatory agencies

Simple, affordable, compact, and extremely easy to setup, the MRx18 miniRepeater is the ideal solution for extending coverage in small venues ranging from 2,300 square meters (25,000 square feet) and smaller. Its advanced functionality and intelligent features are what makes fast and easy setup possible.

Eliminating the need for bulky and expensive test equipment like spectrum analyzers, everything you need to determine proper signal levels can be viewed on the LCD display. No special software or hardware is required to set up the MRx18 miniRepeater. Autogain functionality enables automatic gain adjustment in order to maximize the unit's performance, while still allowing gain to be set manually if desired. The Ethernet port on the unit allows for easy connectivity and commissioning through a web-based browser.

Optional remote control provides equipment alarming and basic configuration settings via SMS and common Andrew OMC (A.I.M.O.S.).

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