Mimo Monitors 23" Shelf Edge Stretch Display, 700 nits



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Ultrawide Shelf Display 

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At Mimo Monitors, we understand that every environment has a specific set of needs and system requirements for maximum operating efficiency and digital signage that enhances the customer experience. That’s why we’re proud to offer a new line of stretch displays, starting with our 23” x 2” Shelf Edge stretched monitor and our Shelf Edge Display with a build-in Android Media Player. These premium displays are sleek, seamless to install and provide maximum flexibility for any environment.

Our premium Shelf Edge stretched monitor provides flexibility and durability, for seamless installation and ease-of-use. With the ability to connect displays throughout a space, users can synchronize displays to control as one unit or animate independently, allowing for personalized and customized use contingent upon the goals and needs of the unique environment.

Also, this commercial-grade display, designed for 24/7 use is sure to withstand the test of time even with harsh, consistent use.

Designed from the ground up for superior function at a high value and 700 nits, this display is incredibly bright and able to stand up to almost any need.  Ideal for retail environments to effectively communicate with the customer and to showcase advertising specials, pricing, and more, these Shelf Edge Displays are ideal for flexibility, durability, and ultimate quality.

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