Paladin, Coaxial Stripper for Miniature Coaxial



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Finally, an economical, high-performance coaxial stripper with strong ergonomic design! Performs two and three level stripping of coaxial cables. Strips outer jacket, shield, braid and inner dielectric. Adjustable blade depth for different coaxial cable thickness. The LC CST makes it easy to have the right preset stripper for the job. If you need to adjust the blades, the hex key makes it easy to set the cutting depth. The stripping diagram on the top of the stripper makes it quick to select the proper tool for the coaxial cable you're using. Self-regulating tension means that you don't have to hold the jaws down on the cable. Just insert the cable and spin the tool in the direction of the arrow on the side!

  • Self-regulating tension
  • Adjust cutting depth on each blade for varying cable thicknesses with the included hex key
  • Pre-set for common strip lengths
  • Blades adjust for strip dimensions other than our standard pre-set units
  • Application: for RG-178, RG-179, RG-188, AT&T735(A), NT735, Belden 1855A, Belden 8218, RG-180, RG-187, RG-188A, RG-405 and more.
  • Blade Type: Adjustable
  • Preset Strip Length: 0.344 inch Outer Jacket, 0.094 inch Inner Dielectric
  • Type: LC CST, 2 and 3 level, adjustable

Keywords: RG178, RG179, RG188


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