Electrovoice, Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone



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  • Designed for Broadcast, Concert Sound, Performance & Sports Venues, Pro Music, Stadium Systems, Studio, and other applications.
  • Dynamic microphone with studio detail and clarity
  • Cardioid pattern with excellent off-axis rejection
  • Unique double swivel-mounted design for ideal positioning
  • Great for voice or instruments
  • Chosen as the preferred electric guitar cabinet mic by hundreds of live and studio engineers.
  • Stylish retro design

The Cardinal and Raven microphones combine gorgeous, streamlined modern design with the latest audio engineering technology to offer sonic detail and clarity unparalleled in the industry. While both mics excel at capturing vocals and instruments in studio and on stage, they have been designed to be two birds of a different feather. The Cardinal is a Class-A cardioid condenser with smooth and detailed performance, while the Raven is a stylish dynamic that holds up even under the toughest conditions.

The Raven is a stylish dynamic microphone designed to capture the character of live and studio vocals. It is also the perfect microphone for live and studio instruments, and has been chosen as the preferred electric guitar cabinet microphone by hundreds of live and studio engineers. The Raven incorporates collaborative designs from top industry microphone engineers to provide unparalleled performance in a stunning package.

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