Andrew, SnapSeal Cable Entry Cushion, 4 x 1/2" Cables



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The SnapSeal entry cushion provides a quick and easy method of entering cables into a wall/roof feed-thru plate with four inch openings. Exclusively from Andrew, the SnapSeal entry cushion is a two piece cable entry device that snaps onto standard wall/roof feed-thru plates.

Using this system provides major advantages versus using standard bulky cable boots by greatly reducing the amount of space needed and labor required to install a complete cable entry system.

To install the SnapSeal entry cushion, remove the entry plug from the cushion, place the cushion around the cable, place the compression ring around the cushion, and push the device over the entry port opening until it snaps into place. The SnapSeal entry cushion is UV resistant and impervious to temperature, humidity extremes, and vibration.

Download Installation Instructions
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