IRT, 8 Input / 8 Output Relay SNMP Interface



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- Eight alarm input ports
- Eight solid state relay control output ports
- SNMP control via 4000 series frame

The TPD-4000 is an 8 input / 8 output solid state relay module designed to work in conjunction with IRT's 4000 series Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) frame.

The TPD-4000 finds particular use in gathering alarm and status information from non-SNMP controlled devices that use either relay or transistor switch to ground output ports, such as IRT's 3000 series Eurocards, for situations that require SNMP monitoring.

As well as being used for gathering information from non-SNMP devices, the TPD-4000 also has the ability to control non-SNMP devices that only need simple switching so that remote control is possible via an SNMP network.

8 independent inputs are opto-coupled being activated by a switch to ground contact. These inputs are fed to an IRT SNMP module for communication to an SNMP network.

8 solid state relay outputs have a common connection on one side of their relay that can be either connected to ground or to an external common signal. The switched side of the output switches either open circuit or to ground (or external common).

The TPD-4000 is a standard IRT Eurocard module and may be housed in IRT's 4000 series SNMP Eurocard frame.

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