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7” USB Portable Slider Non-Touch Display

Our UM-760 display is compact and uncompromising in every way. Designed to specifically cater to those in need of an ultra-portable display that doesn’t sacrifice quality for value, the UM-760 7-inch monitor features a foldable footprint and built-in vertical stand. When folded, the entire device weighs less than one pound and measures just less than one inch thick. The UM-760 features a crisp, high quality 1024x600 LCD non-touch display, incorporating hard coating and anti-glare. All of this is wrapped in a streamlined, clean, minimalistic exterior shell specially designed to minimize bulkiness and heft. Mimo Monitors is proud to provide the UM-760 as one of the world’s most cost effective solutions for consumer, retail POS, and hospitality markets in need of effective and easy-to-use products.

  • Utilizes DisplayLink TM technology, providing video, touch-based user inputs, and power over a single USB connection without the need for a separate power source
  • Ultra-portable integrated stand and cover, weighing less than 1 pound and measuring less than 1 inch thick
  • Perfect for people on the go, laptop/netbook users, graphic designers and those seeking a reliable and efficient second-screen experience at a low cost
  • Can be applied as a secondary customer-facing display in retail POS and hospitality environments


  • Secondary screen for productivity
  • Gaming and entertainment
  • Light industrial shop-floor automatic operation
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Conferencing

Also Available:

  • UM-760 (Mimo 3G Non-Touch Slider,1024x600)
  • UM-760R (Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Slider, 1024x600)
  • UM-760C (Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Slider, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design)
  • UM-760-OF (Mimo 3G Non-Touch Open Frame, 1024x600)
  • UM-760R-OF (Mimo 3G Resistive Touch Open Frame, 1024x600)
  • UM-760C-OF (Mimo 3G Capacitive Touch Open Frame, with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design)
  • UM-760F (Mimo 3rd Gen non-touch VESA)
  • UM-760RF (Mimo 3G Resistive VESA Mount, 1024x600)
  • UM-760CF (Mimo 3G Capacitive VESA Mount, 1024x600 with a modern zero-bezel tablet-like design)

The Mimo UM-760 is fully compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Mimo UM-760 7” Display

Mimo UM-760 7” Display

Mimo UM-760 7” Display


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