Andrew, 7-16 DIN Male Connector for VXL5-50



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7-16 DIN Male Positive Stop for 7/8 in VXL5-50 cable.

Secure, foolproof, no-special-tools required connection every time.
Ease connector attachment issues and ensure excellent RF transmission line performance with Positive Stop Connectors from Andrew. Revolutionary Positive Stop Connectors for HELIAX corrugated coaxial cables require no special tools or torque wrenches, eliminating both guesswork and time consuming measurements.

Using standard wrenches and in less than one rotation, Positive Stop Connectors give the installer a clear visual and mechanical verification of a correct fit, sealing out water and sealing in excellent electrical performance. The connectors' easy verification eliminates the need to control torque levels and provides consistent attachment integrity and electrical performance.

Positive Stop Connectors are waterproof to IP66 and IP68, even unmated.

- No special tools required
- Fully tightens in less than one rotation
- Visual and mechanical verification
- Integrated sealing mechanism
- Faster, simpler installation
- Excellent electrical performance

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