IRT, 1x10 Analogue Video Distribution Amplifier



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- IRT Eurocard construction
- Loop through input
- Ten BNC outputs on rear
- >30 MHz bandwidth
- Front panel monitoring output
- Cable equalisation to 300 metres
- Various clamping options
- Longitudinal hum stripping
- Front panel EQ & gain adjustment

The VA-700 is a video distribution amplifier of modular Eurocard construction having facilities for cable equalisation, longitudinal hum reduction, and clamping.

The input is a bridging loop through type to facilitate connection to other equipment. Ten 75 Ohm outputs are provided on the rear with an additional output on the front panel for ease of monitoring.

The input and output grounds are separated to provide rejection of longitudinally developed hum. The input is AC coupled and the output DC restored with options for no clamping or clamping to the internal or an external signal. The external clamping facility may be used to provide correct DC restoration in YUV & RGB signal situations.

The video gain may be varied by +/- 3 dB from the front panel. Internal preset controls allow adjustment of the amplifier frequency response, optimisation of the longitudinal hum rejection, and stage output DC voltages.

Cable equalisation is provided for up to 300 metres of 75 Ohm high quality cable with adjustment via the front panel. In addition the VA-700 may be fitted with an optional additional equalisation sub-board and a switch to select equalisation type.

The VA-700 may also be fitted with an optional subboard for mounting of delay lines or filters. The DL-700 sub board also provides delay adjustment trim and additional compensating gain for losses in long delay lines (only available whilst current stocks last).

The VA-700 may also be used as a pulse distribution amplifier. (Only 6 outputs may be used for 4 Vp-p)

The VA-700 is manufactured on an extended Eurocard board for mounting in IRT Eurocard frames.

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