Lilliput - 7Inch Open Frame Monitor



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YL-7C(NON-TOUCH )           

The Lilliput YL-7T monitor is a 7” slimline widescreen metal open framed LCD monitor with HDMI, VGA and composite video input. Designed for integration into custom projects or flush mount recessed cavities and industrial applications and comes with 4 wire resistive touchscreen (optional)

7 inch high definition screen

7” monitor with widescreen

The Lilliput YL-7T  monitor has an ultra high resolution, widescreen type LCD. Ideally suited to custom project use

High resolution LCD

Compatible with full 1080 HDMI signals

The YL-7T is designed to accept full HDMI signal, allowing you to create custom multimedia stations in smaller form factors than ever before

multiple input types

Full ranges of inputs designed around computer and CCTV systems 

Use the YL-7T in a wide range of appications thanks to it's range of inputs including HDMI, VGA and composite video

open frame monitor

Steel enclosure with flexible mounting options 

The YL-7T is mounted within a mild steel frame giving a rugged feel to this monitor. The unit can be flush mounted to a surface using the mounting points on the front.


Touchscreen integrated

The YL-7T has a built in resistive touchscreen to give even more options to installers and systems developers

raspberry pi compatible

Raspberry Pi compatible touchscreen monitor

For a small form factor touch screen computer consider the YL-7T and our pre-installed software for plug and play touchscreen functions for the Raspberry


Display Screen

  7" LED backlit


  800 x 480, suport up to 1920 x 1080

  Touch Panel


  Contrast Ratio




  Viewing Angle


  Input Signal


  Input Voltage

  DC 12V

  Power Consumption


  Audio Output





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