DB PFG Next 2000W Semi-Compact FM Transmitter System



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FM Modular Transmitter PFG NEXT 2000

Ultra-high efficiency line in FM Broadcasting industry with hot-swappable PSU

Main Characters:
  • The GREEN RF technology, combined with new 65:1 device, is the latest evolution of the world-famous patented COLD-FET technology applied on DB’s transmitters.
  • Ultra-high RF efficiency (>70%):
  • Hot Swappable Power Supply Units: It makes easier the serviceability and the maintenance. Their tool-less and instant installation from front panel make the PFG NEXT transmitters ideal for critical environment systems where no downtime can be tolerated.
  • Automatic Current Sharing (ACS): the automatic current balancing system is present on each unit to grant a perfect load distribution and very best power supply operating conditions.
  • Versatile configuration, high redundancy: different configurations are available for model and number of power supply units installed. They grant the redundancy and a versatile configuration for a very high efficient operation in each condition.
  • Hot Plug Version: all PFG NEXT transmitters over 5 kW can be equipped optionally with the hotplug system to instantly extract the amplifier modules with transmitter in full power.
  • Low maintenance costs: thanks to the easy access to all components, external cooling air filters, very high MTBF for RF and power supply modules.
  • High-frequency stability in short and long terms assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift VCTCXO.
  • Complete WEB SERVER SNMP remote control, available as an option.
  • Frequency agile broadband: settable directly from the LCD front panel with 10 KHz steps without needing any tuning tools.
  • Maximum security: Meets or exceeds all the international safety standards as the electrical specifications.


  • MSE (Magnetic Sound Enhancer): a magnetic barrier that protects the VCO, the heart of FM modulator, and increases the sound quality.
  • Switch-mode power supply with power factor control. Highly efficient and widely over-rated power supply modules insure low heating, low AC power consumption and superior reliability. The power factor control circuitry meets the international requirements for mains network disturbances.
  • Intelligent protection system: it reduces the output power without on-air interruption, keeping the RF devices always within the safe operating parameter.
  • AAD technology: it prevents corrosion from air moisture and increases reliability.
  • High-efficiency cooling system. Thanks to the air-cooling system, the heat-sink temperature can rise only about 10°C above ambient temperature. This guarantees the proper functioning even in sites with extreme climate conditions and high temperature.


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