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 AI 4K UHD Video Conference Camera Built with AI Function
4K, EPTZ, Wide Angle, Metal Case

This product is a new 4K UHD ePTZ video conference camera. It is built with AI functions, which can automatically frame all people in the meeting and make them in the middle of the scene.It also has perfect functions and superior performance, which adopts advanced ISP processing algorithms so as to provide vivid images with evenly clear brightness, strong colour layering, high resolution, and fantastic colour rendition. Easy and convenient to install and maintain, stable and reliable.

Key Features 

• 4K UHD: It employs 1/2.5 inch, 8 million pixels high-quality CMOS sensor; supports 4K UHD; provides 4K@ 30fps MJPG video resolution at most; and provides clear UHD video and vivid expressions and movements. At the same time, it is compatible with 1080p and 720p resolution.

• EPTZ: EPTZ and 4X Digital Zoom

• Built-in pickup: Includes 2 built-in pickups, all-round pickup. Antique noise suppression algorithm ensures your voice be perfect. The effective pickup distance is up to 5 meters.

• Dual-stream output: The USB3.0 port support mainstream and sub-stream output at the same time.

• Auto framing: With excellent facial detection algorithm, automatically adjust the zoom according to the number of people in the meeting. It can frame all the meeting people and make them shown in the middle of the scene.

• Wide view angle without distortion: 83°/ 87°/ 120° super wide view angle lens for options

• Low Noise and High SNR: Low Noise CMOS effectively ensures high SNR of video. Image is still clear even under low light condition.

• Multiple Installations: Standard equipped with mold clamp. Easy to install on any devices, such as LCD screen, PC, table and tripod.

• Easy to Use: No need to download driver; USB Plug and play.

• Wide Applications: Personal video conferencing, enterprise video conferencing, unified collaboration and etc.

What is ePTZ and the difference between PTZ and ePTZ

Electronic pan-tilt-zoom (ePTZ) uses the digital zoom technology to provide specific PTZ-like features on a fixed (non-PTZ) camera.

A conventional PTZ camera can also be described as a remotely controlled, can pan (move the camera left and right), tilt (rotate the camera up or down) or zoom (make the video larger or smaller) using am IR remote control or PTZ application. A PTZ cameras built-in motors are responsible for the physical movement which uses various types of driving methods. PTZ camera can provide an approximate 360-degree viewing angle while maintaining the image quality by incorporating with optical zoom

Electronic pan-tilt-zoom (ePTZ) Although the camera can tilt, pan or zoom, the operations don’t involve any movement of mechanical parts. The camera remains static as the tilt, pan or zoom are done through a digital simulation inside of the high-resolution sensor. In simple words EPTZ simulates pan, tilt and zoom operations inside of a large resolution pixel space. ePTZ camera has the ‘magical’ ability to move instantly to a new shot (via a called preset or a direct PTZ position command) whereas PTZ camera, you will have to wait for the mechanical motors to move to the new P, T and Z positions.

Digital zoom through software simulation is a technology that has been in existence for some time. Instead of the real zoom lens, the majority of smartphones have adopted simulated digital zoom technology. Some web cameras can also operate through digital zooming.

ePTZ cameras are used to create many great audiovisual solutions for Education sports live streaming, any outdoor events to University distance learning. Without the need for mechanical pan, tilt and zoom mechanisms, the size and cost of ePTZ cameras can be significantly lower than a PTZ cameras.

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