Glory Star Nebula 21" Android-based self service kiosk



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All in one self service kiosks

Nebula is designed as an all in one self service kiosk. The tablet combines a commercial grade reliability with the powerful quadcore or hexacore processor and an optional power over ethernet ( POE).

The tablet offers a wide assortment of optional peripherals such as magnetic card swipe, RFID/NFC readers and barcodes that enables flexibility for rigorous use in continuous public use for fitness consoles, system terminals, retail e-catalog, employee access control, corporate check in, restaurant self ordering, hotel check in, etc. It is not a consumer table and engineered for commercial environments with a supported 3 year supply.

It is Android 7.1 or Android 9.0 where it is developed for fixed applications with no battery power included. A license free kiosk lockdown app is installed in Nebula.

Not only that Glory Star offers a high level of customization that allows customers to integrate tablets such as touch screens to your IOT products.

Commercial Grade PCB

  • Temperature shock test 10000 times
  • Stress test 10 hours
  • Drop test 3 times
  • Screen life 10000 hours up


Wired Ethernet and Optional Power over Ethernet The new power over ethernet ( POE) is an optional feature, where installing a power plug is expensive, running a low cost voltage allows a lower cost solution. POE allows easy installation of having a power and internet cable ( RJ45) all in one, facilitating easy conference room scheduling installations.

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1D/2D barcode scanner

The Newland Barcode is a 1D/2D engine provides flexibility to any kind of applications such as data collection and price checkers. Mostly used to open a browser upon scan or to open a page in an app. Glory Star provides open API to support your software integration to our tablets, please go to software development kit in support page of our site. The barcode is easily installed by users, providing an integrated solution and eliminating the need for external brackets or attachments.



RFID reader

The RFID/NFC reader tracks and identify devices automatically. This reader can be installed by end-users easily and  offers easy installation/


Star Control

Remotely manage all Glory Star devices at the same time, systematically update and manage user requests in one single platform. Star Control improves security and efficiency for access control and media management while providing flexibility.


  • Website lockdown
  • APP lockdown
  • Media looping
  • Scheduled on/off

STAROS is a license free kiosk lockdown app is installed into NEBULA tablets, STAROS allow users to auto start videos, webpages and apps, as well as preventing unwanted third party from accessing into the android system. Functions including hiding bottom bars, scheduling on/off timers, setting user rights and auto looping video/ photos are in the app to hassle free developers from developing apps to lockdown their apps. The goal is to ensure a safe, secure and stable tablet in the use of a business environments.

Open API & customization

Glory Star's engineer team specializes in coding the Android OS firmware, we provide custom firmware services and open APIs. Open API allow developers and software engineers to access the features or data of the android operating system, application and other services to enable a high level of customization and integration to your product/ services.

 one self service kiosk


Endless Aisle Kiosk,  Information Kiosk,  Digital Signage, Home Automation,  Self Registration Kiosk,  Intercom Tablet, Meeting Room

  • Available in 10”, 15.6” and 21.5” widescreen with selectable high-performance CPUs and Full-HD IPS capacitive touchscreens
  • Choice of Wi-Fi / Ethernet / Cellular Connectivity
  • Optimize deployments with cloud-based configuration, monitoring and scheduling
  • Modern design with flexible mounting in portrait, landscape ad table-top orientation

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