Mimo Monitor Vue HD 10.1 Capacitive Touch Display with 2 Watt Stereo Speakers



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Mimo Vue HD 10.1" Capacitive Touch Display with 2 Watt Stereo Speakers, HDMI (UM-1080CH-G-NB)

Newest Generation of Mimo's Popular 10.1" Monitor Without Base

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If you are looking for unbeatable performance, reliability, and incredible user experience, take a look at the Mimo Vue Capture Touch Display. One of the most popular models with these dimensions, the Mimo Vue LCD capacitive touchscreen delivers power for greater productivity and vivid display clarity. Packed into the streamlined form of this monitor is a 1280x800 high-resolution IPS display panel, complete with an 800:1 contrast ratio and 170° x 170° viewing angle. This second generation of Mimo Monitors 10.1” monitor line is designed to deliver the maximum visual fidelity and user experience, making photos pop and videos more detailed. It’s the perfect addition to any graphic design workspace, gaming setup or entertainment center – but the list of suitable applications for the Mimo Vue HD doesn’t stop there. The Mimo Vue HD series is readily available in both capacitive touch (UM-1080CH) and display-only (UM-1080H) variations, to ensure you have exactly the technology you need to get things done. We also sell the Mimo Vue Capture Touch Display with and without an included stand, enabling for streamlined integration with existing work environments. When a Mimo Vue HD LCD capacitive touchscreen is used without the base, it functions much like a tablet, making it easier to multitask and be productive.

With such a flexible and customizable design, the list of opportunities for ideal use of the Mimo Vue HD is extensive. The sturdy and durable build quality of this monitor is engineered for commercial and corporate work alike, and anything in-between. The optional base weighs a solid 1.3 kg (almost 3 lbs), ensuring a stable anti-glare touchscreen on the table or desktop. In-wall, pole, or other mounted installations are desired, the display has a VESA75 pattern on the pack to accommodate and is available for purchase without the base (UM-1080CH-NB). Environments with POS integration, hospitality and tourism properties and even boardrooms can benefit from using the Mimo Vue HD monitor with built-in speakers.

Note: For the model with HDMI capture capability for use in conference room applications, please see Mimo Vue Capture (UM-1080CP-B).

Mimo Vue HD 10.1" Capacitive Touch Display with 2 Watt Stereo Speakers, HDMI (UM-1080CH-G)

Now available with HDMI

Single cable USB video makes for an attractive installation, but it is not convenient or supported in all instances. We knew an alternative option was needed in many applications. The end result? Full HDMI compatibility right out of the box with the Mimo Vue HD! Experience crisp, stunning video and audio quality, and far more convenient user experience. Additionally, we’ve gone extra lengths to ensure easy operation while reducing clutter. The display only requires 2 cables, as opposed to other displays which require 3. The result? A simplified connection and much more attractive installation.

Note to Mac OS users: Requires additional purchase of $35 to activate touchscreen capability.


  • 1280x800 Resolution
  • 800:1 contrast ratio, and 350-nit brightness (LCD panel)
  • High-quality IPS panel with 170° x 170° viewing angle.
  • Available in 1 USB cable USB video (driver required) or 2 cable HDMI video (no drivers required)
  • Fully compatible with almost all HDMI sources. Touch is driverless on most operating systems. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux and Mac OS X (with purchase of Mac touchscreen driver).  Additional cost 3rd party driver available to enable touch control in Win XP
  • VESA (75mm) mounting threads
  • USB for touch and external AC/DC power (if required or desired).
  • Mechanical drawings available upon request


  • Kiosk information system
  • Secondary customer-facing retail display
  • Gaming and amusement
  • Light industrial shop-floor automation

USB Extender

Check out the Mimo USB if you need to distance your Mimo Vue HD from your workspace. This convenient and powerful little device utilizes a two-port USB 2.0 high-speed solution that links the remote hub to the source site over Cat 5e extension cabling (otherwise known as Power over Twisted Pair). This eliminates the need to place the display installation near an AC outlet and greatly increases ease of deployment for the Mimo Vue HD in industrial, commercial, medical, education, hospitality, or consumer applications.

For this product, because only low bandwidth touch information is transmitted, much lower cost, third-party USB extenders will be compatible. In this case, external AC/DC adapter is required (not supplied).

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